Male Pattern Baldness: The Real Score

male pattern baldnessPeople say that testosterone poisoning will be the demise of many men. True, testosterone is a common source of problem for many men. However, the worst thing this hormone could probably cause is baldness. Because of men’s hormonal makeup, many of them are prone to losing their hair at any age.

In fact, 95% of cases of male baldness is linked to the hormone, testosterone.

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

It is technically known as androgenetic alopecia. While it also affects women, men are its favorite victims. As the name suggests, androgenetic alopecia is androgenic and genetic. The bad genes can be passed down by either side of the family. With genetic predisposition, certain hair follicles in the scalp become sensitive to the testosterone derivative, DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which inhibits the hair follicles from producing hair. Follicular failure results in finer, thinner, and shorter hair.  While it is true that DHT play a role in the growth of certain body and facial hair, some follicles in the scalp are sensitive to the hormone.

Contrary to popular belief that men inherit the bad gene from the mother’s side of the family, AGA is polygenic (involves more than one gene). The MPB risk increases as long as any of the parent’s side of the family has it. Another popular myth about male baldness is that regularly wearing hats can cause it. This holds no water but it may contribute to an oily scalp, which is a precursor to many scalp and hair problems.

The effects of baldness in men

What aggravates the problem is that the condition gets worse with advancing age. Moreover, it is permanent especially when left untreated.  While MPB is not a health condition, least of all fatal, it can cause anxiety and self-esteem problems. Baldness can make men stay away from friends and finding a potential mate.

Treating Baldness

Today, there is a variety of treatments ranging from pills, home therapies, laser therapies, to surgeries depending on ones preferences and needs. These treatments can slow down the balding process and can regrow lost hair.

Mariel Uy

Mariel Uy is a magazine contributor and freelance blogger who specializes in hair health and beauty.

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