Treating Hair Loss by Going Herbal

rosemary herb for hair lossRosemary is not an all-around herb but it certainly has a wide range of uses. Considered as the “dew of the sea”, rosemary offers everything that people with hair problems could find solace in. However, it is especially very helpful against hair loss.

Hair loss does not only happen to men. Women and children are affected as well — to people of all ages. There are a lot of treatments that claim to treat hair loss. But most of these treatments are synthetic and unsafe. Rosemary is not only a cheaper but also safer alternative. Since the ancient times, it has been noted for its wide culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal applications.

Rosemary loves hot, humid climates and is native to the Mediterranean region. Today, however, it can be grown in just about any garden. It grows up to 4 feet tall. It bears clusters of blue flowers with needle-like leaves.

Common Applications

Being rich in carnosic and labiatic acids, two powerful antioxidants, rosemary can slow down the effect of cellular aging in the brain. (These acids are often used as food preservatives as an alternative to butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene.) It promotes vasodilation and peripheral blood flow. Furthermore, ancient folks often call it the “herb of remembrance” because it aids poor memory, concentration difficulties, fatigue, and mental clutter.

Herbal Remedy For Hair Loss

When it comes to naturally dealing with the loss or  thinning of hair, loss or change in hair color, and dandruff, rosemary is probably the most widely used essential oil. As a matter of fact,
it is present is many facial lotions, cleansing creams, body toners, shampoos, hair rinses, and aromatic baths. Since it promotes vasodilation and the metabolism of the skin, it can revitalize hair follicles, that have miniaturized.

Healthy hair follicles are the root of a healthy hair.

Aside from that, rosemary essential oil can also be used to reduce stress. Reducing stress minimizes hair loss at the same time.

Massaging the scalp with rosemary oil every day for at least five minutes can provide hair growth benefits. Similarly, certain hair growth products that contain rosemary essences such as Leimo can provide the same benefit.

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