When Hair Loss is Not Just Hair Fall

losing hair at young ageA lot of shampoo commercials would tell you that hair fall is not okay — that even a single hair strand stuck on your brush is alarming enough. What’s worse is that they sell their products as if it’s ever a solution. Well folks, aside from it being shamelessly salesy, it is utter hogwash.

Depending on the degree, hair fall can be considered normal or otherwise. Every day, we lose 50-100 hair strands as part of the normal hair renewal process. Therefore, anything beyond this count is considered worth checking into. When it comes to this, expert evaluation is helpful. Consider the following factors as well to be able to arrive at a effective conclusion.

Losing Hair at a Young Age

Are you losing hair at an incredibly young age? If so, then it is likely to be of genetic nature. It is estimated that two out of 5 men in their mid-20s and one out of 5 women in their mid-30s experience hair loss. However, if you belong to a younger age group and feel you are losing your hair faster than any other boys or girls your age – ask your parents whether alopecia is in your family history. Otherwise, consult your physician to address your concern as it can have a medical, hence, serious factor at work.

Thinning Hair

One of the early symptoms of hair loss is a thinning of hair.

Men with the genetic tendency will find their hairline recede gradually overtime. Women, on the other hand, can experience as worse as a widespread thinning all throughout the scalp. Hair becomes apparently lighter and brittle due to the decreasing caliber and tensile strength.

Massive Hair Fall

As suggested, we lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, which is only normal. Anything beyond the out is considered abnormal. Because it is impossible to count the number of hairs you lose at the end day, you can just do a hair pull test. In this method, grab a handful of your hair from a specific spot then pull it. If you can take out more than 10 hairs at one pull, then it is likely to be abnormal hair loss. Women, in particular should immediately consult a doctor about it to rule out serious possible cause.

Irregular Growth Pattern

Irregular growth patterns should be easy to detect. In men, a horseshoe-shaped hairline will develop overtime while in women, the central parting continues to widen to reveal more scalp skin. Some even experience growth of facial hair.  There are also cases wherein hair loss occurs in patches — such are the cases of traction alopecia and alopecia areata. These causes result in hair loss in clusters that can range in shapes and characteristics.

It is only crucial to treat hair loss as soon as possible as it is a time-sensitive issue. Treatments for hair loss include over-the-counter or prescription drugs, laser therapies, hair transplants, hair systems and hormonal therapies.

Mariel Uy

Mariel Uy is a magazine contributor and freelance blogger who specializes in hair health and beauty.

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